3am.Page is your go-to destination for that last thing before sleep.

We all have laid awake at night with a phone in our hand despite being tired. We wish we fell asleep, but we just can't as our mind is restless looking for that one last piece of content before sleep. We keep scrolling and browsing unable to find something to quench our thirst. This is where 3am.Page jumps in. We handpick for you something new everyday. Perhaps a short documentary. Or a cool article. Maybe even a webapp. No sign-ups, no logins, just one click away.

Most of our suggestions are often fifteen to thirty minutes long. Precisely the time needed for you to enjoy the content to your heart's content. And after you're done, you'll feel truly sleepy. For now you are wiser. For now you are happy. Good night.

Hi, I am Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay. Nice to meet you. I have spent many nights trying to search for that one last piece of content before I fall asleep. Scrolling through feeds, googling and what not. Now I've realized that so many others also have the same problem. That's why, I built 3am.Page to put an end to endless scrolling. Here, you'll find something new everyday. Click, enjoy and you'll feel satisfied.

3. How'll 3am.Page keep getting better?

I have a bunch of features planned out. From a genre wise filter to a story style navigation, 3am.Page would soon reincarnate itself not just into the website you need but the website you deserve.

And the biggest selling point of 3am.Page is that it will be consistent. You'll see as we go ahead, there will be one new piece of content everyday. Just one quality handpicked recommendation. And that'll come everyday, so that whenever you need it, you'll find a site full of novel curations.