3am has a 3000 year old history. It started off as an Antarctic Startup by Emperor Penguins around 1069 BC, but after receiving intergalactic investments from wealthy aliens of Andromeda, it soon rose to celestial fame. Since then, 3am’s growth has never stalled.

Antarctica Daily

From the zeroth year in the Gregorian Calendar, Antarctica Daily published a yearly news report documenting the weirdest happenings from around the world. It made headlines in April 2015 when it overtook Saturn Titans in readership. Surprisingly, that was the very month when Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay took over the esteemed position of Editor-in-Chief. Since then it has diversified its offerings and as of 2019 offered fictitious stories, poems and even books (a few of which are on sale at 3am.Page). Finally, it was purchased by 3am in March 2020 and Arkadeep became the CEO of 3am.Page.

3am vs 3am.Page

3am.Page is the Earthly version of the famed multi-galactic corporation 3am. It is headed by Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay and is headquartered in Antarctica, 69 km from the South Pole.

3am is presently owned by an individual from a 4th Kardashev Scale Civilization. He was also the first angel investor for 3am. This person has no legible names, since such an advanced civilization has ascended beyond the need for trivial nomenclature. It is said that this individual might have been partially responsible for the Big Bang and had funded the inflation of our Universe.

Our History

3am has a very rich and interesting history that demands at least ten thousand words of vivid description. Soon, a book would be published illustrating the rise and dominance of this grand corporation over the last three millenia.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

He was the Editor in Chief of Antarctica Daily. Presently, he is the CEO of 3am.Page and is a medical student at Medical College Kolkata. He likes Neuroscience, Astrophysics, Data Science, Economics and Recreational Mathematics. In his spare time he likes to film tutorial videos and plans to share them on YouTube for free very soon. He also likes web development and has some experience in dealing with frameworks like node and react and cloud platforms like aws and firebase. He has built a bunch of android apps which he hopes to share on this website in the near future.

Vision and Mission of 3am.Page

3am.Page looks forward towards publishing quality weekly science articles for every netizen. It is often said on the planet of Earth that Science is boring and not interesting. 3am.Page strives to alter this thought process by sharing interesting scientific concepts every week on this blog. 3am.Page also contains some weird experiments done by Arkadeep (the most recent of which is to read all the Tintin comics in order). Much more content will be added soon.

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