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Amidst Pyramids in a Jeep from Egypt

“A creepy tale with a humorous tone”, as reviewed by the Antarctic Trumpet. “A humorous tale with a creepy tone”, as reviewed by the South Pole Times.

You are reading a ‘February is Fun’ article. Every detail here is fictitious. Nothing is to be taken seriously!

I had fallen asleep as soon as our jeep had crossed the creaky bridge across a sneaky river.

I learned afterward that the scenery hence was miraculous, but I would have even traded gold for the breathtaking dream that I had in my sleep. It was breathtaking to such an extent that, had I been a medical student in my dream, as I am in real life, I would have diagnosed the condition to be asphyxiating.

Initially, I didn’t realize that I was dreaming. It must have been due to the fact that although I had started dreaming, my eyes were still open. This is a weird thing of mine. I fall asleep, but I forget to close my eyes. I won’t deny, this has been very beneficial to me in my school days. In the boring lectures, while others were contemplating murders and wondering when the ceiling fan would fall off and if it does then who would die first, I was merrily sleeping with my eyes open, with enough vivacious spirit to have the teacher congratulate me later for being the most attentive in the class! Okay, now back to the dream. I was dreaming about a mummy. Not a motherly mummy, but more of an Egyptian mummy. I saw that actually, I dreamt it, but from now on the dream is my reality, so whenever I use a verb, you should know, that it was actually in my dream. I saw that the driver who was driving the car seemed to be a little lean and thin. I surely appreciate the property of thinness, which is why I love Apple products so much, but the driver was thin to the bone. Literally! I could see no flesh. I acted as if I found his humerus to be humorous, only to conceal my fear. But this attempt of mine failed miserably as soon as he turned towards me. I saw no face, for there was none. Instead, there was the bandaged head of a mummy. A mummy scary enough to make you wanna hide in the lap of your mommy.

I was speechless. Not exactly speechless, but more of a sensible-speechless. Since I was uttering all these weird sounds broadcasting how scared I was. Now the mummy stopped the car. Unwrapped the bandages. Thus, Revealing the face.

I couldn’t believe what I saw.

The main reason I could not believe what I saw, is because I did not see quite a lot. All that I saw was a flash of light. A bang on the head. And then darkness.

When my eyes opened again, I observed that I was in a dark place. The smell was mysterious and the sound was that of suspense. The background music, whose source I could not fathom, was that of Godfather. I would have made some attempts to find out more about my immediate surroundings, but the restraining ropes which tied my hand and feet prevented me from doing so. After a few moments of unsuccessful wriggling, I finally hit a metal glass with my left hand, which then complied to the relentless pull of gravity, and descended merrily upon the ground, made a sound, which when heard in a noisy room might get classified as insanely loud, and when heard in a room as quiet as the one I was in, would have demanded a description inclusive of a few mighty words which begin with ‘f’.

I heard someone rush towards me, stop for a second, unlock a door, enter with a dash and switch on the lights. I ‘re-saw’ that figure. That bandaged face. That thin to bone body. That pizza slice in the hand. Wait! The mummy was eating Pizza? Since when did these well-preserved corpses of great souls start adopting habits from the other side of the Mediterranean? With dripping cheese, in no wrong sense, and satisfied bites through the bandages, the shady figure approached me. I should have shouted in fear, but hunger beats all other emotions. I instead drooled. Figuring out my intentions, the mummy stuffed in the remaining slice in quite a haste, chewed it viciously for a few seconds, lifted the fallen glass with the right hand, filled it with water from a modern aquaguard located at the side of the room, drank it peacefully and then wiped its bandages with the metacarpals and began to untie the loops yet again.

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