February is Fun Season 2

The Life of Rain

Rain accompanies us from our birth till our death. Read this story and discover the secrets of the rain that drenched you throughout your life.

A sunny day could be a funny-day because a sudden rain might wash away all your hope of doing activities one usually does on sunny days and leave you depressed. More so, if you have recently disobeyed a weather forecast. He had just read in the newspaper that the experts calculated ‘a high probability of acid rain today’. He ignored it because he also had heard about her. He knew, how wrong these forecasts could be. He never knew how wrong he himself was, however. Let me tell you, by the way, he was wrong, very wrong, so wrong that he had left the house with no umbrella to save him from rain and no base to save him from the acid. He came back home, wet as usual but unusually sick and itchy. The acid in the acid rain must have lived up to its name.

Such stories often leave us thinking about our decisions and actions, similar to our thoughts when we were growing up from childhood into adolescence. In that period of growth, rain for most of us had changed its meaning. From descending drops of drenching water, it became the symbol of romance. Romantic rain had captivated our heart more than it did of those, who were the romantic poets and artists. We had stared deep into the infinity waiting forsomeone, something or some time, while rain thrashed against our window, against which our face was pressed.

It has often weirdly mixed our tears with heavenly water into a strange concoction that tastes a little salty and a little sweet. It has also messed up our hairstyle. Which isn’t something we would like to remember rain by. Rain to us, in this time of life, was a symbol of rejuvenation and a sign of irritation, especially when our plans got canceled. I remember how a wedding in my locality, was once canceled, thanks to the untimely arrival of rain.

It was the main reason that left the painful efforts to be in vain. But that reason isn’t something, that is similar to the earlier anecdotes, it was much stranger. This time, Rain did not come suddenly. It did not come with a warning. It instead, had come with a tornado. That had blown away half of the locality. The other half that remained did not contain the venue of the marriage. Luckily, the hotel, the bride stayed in was in the existing half. But the groom’s hotel was probably claimed by the tornado. So, even though the organizers could have dealt with an invisible venue, the bride clearly did not let them proceed with an invisible groom. I later learned that these people were from Bermuda and that they had come all the way to Antarctica for their wedding only to avoid weird natural disasters. But their destiny had clearly followed them South.

It is not difficult for us to predict how an anecdote about rain usually is. It usually has an unheard warning and then it has a heavenly thrashing followed by immersion. As we slowly age into young adulthood, rain seems to be a great friend of ours. We find friends who like to talk with rain. We find others who like to sing when it rains, or dance, or do programming or play football. We also start to understand the silence of rain, not that rain is silent, but how it makes everyone else fall silent. We simply lie in our bed and start to listen to rain and to nothing else. In the last two or more decades, we have seen enough rain. It is now our time to hear it. Hence, we hear it. We hear it speak. We listen to its philosophy. And then we enjoy our ride to a psychiatrist because clearly we have been hallucinating stuff. We get asked about our habits. With a smell of suspicion, the doctors take a brief survey of our addictions. For we are no longer kids with simple minds addicted only to curiosity. We all have grown up. Rain, however, has always accompanied us. It has kept on destroying our electronics, messing up our textbooks and giving us an opportunity to reflect in solitude.

Slowly and steadily, we grow older at the rate of a second a second! We understand much of the world that previously seemed like a mystery to us. Our families grow. For some, they shrink. But rain still falls. It still amplifies our tears or hides them. Our hairstyles still get messed up, pretty badly. But we do not care. Because we have no more people to impress with physical attributes. It is all mental now. The better we think, the better we are perceived to be. And rain accentuates our thoughts. A downpour of ideas, it sometimes feels like. We often sit in rain, water dripping down our chin. Ignorant, we lookup. A drop falls right into our left eye. We go crazy. Maybe, we have grown up, but physical discomfort isn’t something we applaud yet.

There was a man I had heard of. A very calm one. One that usually never got angry. Rain calmed him down. Drought calmed him further. But he was only angered by one thing.

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