Season 2

6 Ingenious Inventions by Eccentric Entrepreneurs

Human Beings have always been inventive. We have invented new ways to invent new ways of inventions. Here are some of the coolest inventions you had never heard of…

5. Giga Amiga

Loneliness is bad. Solitude is worse. But having a billion friends? That can’t be any better right? Wrong! A Billion friends is exactly what you need to traverse this world full of uncertainties. And Giga Amiga, world’s latest social network, promises you that along with plenty of other unthinkable features.

With a click of a button you can integrate it with Micro SpyCrows and get insider information about your friends. Imagine their surprise when you become the first one to break the news about their spouse’s job promotion to them, even before the poor spouse gets a chance.

6. Atto Tattoo

Got a thing you’re passionate about? Get a tattoo. Hate being called out by the public for a niche tattoo? Cool, get an Atto Tattoo.

Atto Tattoo brings together years of expertise from the semiconductor industry of working with tiny objects and merges it with the art of tattooing. From now on, your tattoos will be so small, you won’t even know they exist.

A thousand times smaller than the radius of a proton, Atto Tattoos pose no risk of disease transmission even when dipped in salsa, saliva or Santa’s saliva saturated salsa. With a tattoo so small there’s no pain of getting it, no fear of messing up your skin all with the assurance that you are loyally supporting the stuff you’re passionate about while getting a tattoo.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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