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6 Ingenious Inventions by Eccentric Entrepreneurs

Human Beings have always been inventive. We have invented new ways to invent new ways of inventions. Here are some of the coolest inventions you had never heard of…

3. Kilo Willow

Kids play baseball. Adults play football. But legends play cricket. And to cater to all your over boundary scoring needs, Kilo Willow offers you an exciting trial of its heaviest bats.

In Hindu mythology, Bheema is infamous for yielding a weapon called ‘Gada”. This bat will be your gada. Although shaped a bit differently this weapon holds the potential of striking the ball not just out of the stadium but also outside the solar system. Once the ball meets this willow, it knows no gravity and cares for no space time warpings.

Astrophysicists have already hypothesized that a ball struck by Kilo Willow holds the potential to escape a Black Hole although the limitations of 21st Century ENgineering and space travel renders the proof of an experiment to confirm this, exceedingly difficult.

4. Deci AC

If you are remotely Antarctic likely me, you might feel the need to chill after a hot day of subzero temperature. The absence of negative sixty nine degrees can be bothering you way more than you think it should. It is then that Deci AC would be your perfect companion.

It weighs a tenth of the mass of a normal AC and as an added feature can be applied upon your scalp as a hair conditioner instead of carrying around an air conditioner. Drenched in freon gas, Deci AC sucks happiness out of you like a hungry dementor while cooling you down to absolute zero.

If this startup manages to take off, places like Sahara desert can be greatly benefitted by the sudden Antarcticization of the environment.

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