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6 Ingenious Inventions by Eccentric Entrepreneurs

Human Beings have always been inventive. We have invented new ways to invent new ways of inventions. Here are some of the coolest inventions you had never heard of…

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1. Nano Volcano

It’s no secret that the conventional sources of energy are exhaustible. Coal, Petroleum, Natural Gas are all ticking time bombs and should we continue to depend upon them heavily a time would soon come when their stocks would be obliterated.

Human beings also are planning to colonise other planets. As we start to go further away from the Sun into uninhabitable barren rocky and gassy landscapes, sustainable energy production would become an essential challenge.

It’s then that these nano volcanoes will quench our thirsts for power and satisfy our needs for energy. Mini plastic containers with compartments of mentos and coke that when shaken mix together and release a violent stream of agitated carbonated water that holds the potential to turn nano generators and produce electricity even in the remotest of settings.

And when the energy sources are plentiful, you can simply unpack the volcano and savour the mentos pills or quench your thirst with a gentle sip of the coke. Nano Volcanoes will give you nutrition and energy at the same time. It will be your perfect companion for every interplanetary voyage.

2. Micro SpyCrow

Do you have some nosy neighbours who constantly listen in on your private discussions about your family’s nuclear discussions? Are you scared they might steal your nuclear codes and other valuables? Fret not anymore, my friend, Micro SpyCrow is just what you need.

These are highly trained mini bugs which look like crows. Simply deploy them to your target family, sit back, relax and enjoy as the skilled microscopic SpyCrows spy on your neighbours and then publish advertisements upon Times Square billboards.

With this product, nothing your neighbours care about will ever be private again!

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