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Authentic Authority of Authorized Authors Authorizes Authenticity of Authorship Authentication

I’ll be honest, I wrote this article but I had no idea what the title meant until I read the story that you’re about to…

Authors of the authority felt the need to authorize the authors before letting them join the authority. They were asked to serve as a guest author for a trial period of about 3 months before getting imbibed into the authority. About a third of the authors were rejected this way.

These rejected authors dejected by their rejection and their inevitable ejection, met over a table meant for ingestion and used synonyms of egestion against the authorized authors who were injected into the authority. Their fury materialized into the formation of another authority, a more radical image of its counterpart with its doors wider open.

This posed a threat to the original authority who were losing their authenticity in the eyes of the public. Therefore, they called up a meeting and renamed themselves from the Authority of Authorized Authors to the Authentic Authority of Authorized Authors. The added authenticity added smiles to the authorized faces.

But the public had a tough time distinguishing between the two. Calling oneself authentic is just half the job done. Their authorship had no distinguishable property from their competitors other than the content, which once read, should be considered too late to convince the reader to buy otherwise.

The Authentic Authority of Authorized Authors with their Authorship at stake decided to launch a new authentication stamp. They sprinkled in hints of authentic authenticity throughout their publications and a symbol of authentic trust in the front page of every magazine they wrote in.

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