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Authentic Authority of Authorized Authors Authorizes Authenticity of Authorship Authentication

I’ll be honest, I wrote this article but I had no idea what the title meant until I read the story that you’re about to…

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Human beings are capable of doing great deeds once they figure out all the pitfalls that they may encounter in their path. A human who knows his enemy can predict the future with commendable accuracy. But it’s the path to knowing what lies in the path that turns the most heads.

Our story begins with a group of authors who published fiction in a monthly magazine. They had observed that the months they all submitted simultaneously were the months when the sales were plentiful. Readers clearly loved reading from their favorite authors and purchased the magazine when it gave the greatest bang for the buck.

Impressed by the observation, the group of authors formed a committee and named it the Authority of Authors. They had good communication among the members and managed to put out a substantial number of stories every month so that the readers could happily consume the content.

As the pages of the calendar turned and the hairs turned grey the Authority of Authors grew in number. With growth comes stability and with stability come troublemakers. These evil authors joined the Authority with the sole intention of messing the flow up. Either they were late in submission or their stories were so vulgar and foul that even the printers crashed regularly while printing their stories.

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