Season 2

9 Startups that will Change the World

The 21st Century has witnessed a boom in the number of entrepreneurs. Although not every idea shall leave a mark, some will surely change the world forever in due course…

7. Seven Seven Seven

If you have watched Friends, you know what they do. I won’t elaborate.

This startup has promised to improve our planet by making at least 50% of the population happier and more productive. They are presently working on methods to satisfy the other half of the demographic. If they succeed, this startup can add a lot of value to a lot of lives.

8. HueMARouS

They have partnered up with Melon Mask’s startup Sussex to change the colour (hue) of Mars from Red to Blue and Green by the 2150s.

Though this startup won’t change the world, it will surely gift us another world to wreak havoc in.

9. SlowTP

Waiting for the OTP to be delivered has been voted as the most painful act of the last decade. SlowTP aims to change that by changing the name of OTP to SlowTP.

Research has shown that when you know what to expect, half the pain gets washed away. When you thought it was an One Time Password, you wanted to get done with it as quickly as possible. But calling it SlowTP makes you appreciate the waiting time as now you can be certain that for this technology, being slow is not a bug but rather a feature.

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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