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9 Startups that will Change the World

The 21st Century has witnessed a boom in the number of entrepreneurs. Although not every idea shall leave a mark, some will surely change the world forever in due course…

4. ReTurd

Ever had a fight with someone and wanted to call them a retard? Well, now you can do better. Instead of fighting back, whether verbally or physically, simply fight back faecally. ReTurd is a pay on demand service which sends hitmen to the home of your offender and throws a fresh pack of poop from the animal of your choice (including humans for $69.99 more).

ReTurd has been projected to reduce human agony and interpersonal disputes as everyone shall start to fear stool storms whenever wronging another human.

5. Timesaver

This startup does what it says. Nothing more, nothing less. Companies and individuals across the world lose several million dollars due to the falling and breaking of the wall clocks.

Timesaver allots an individual for every wall clock to save it from falling. These individuals are skilled in the art of catching. Some fear the loss of privacy of having an unknown person in your bedroom 24*7 but generally the startup has been well received, especially in earthquake-prone areas such as Japan.

6. Neeeeesh

When you are starting a blog, youtube channel or any career related to content creation, figuring out your niche forms the first step of progress. Neeeeesh does theeeees for you. Yeeeees!

They are dedicated towards making your content creation dream come true. In this digital age Neeeeesh will be by your side even when you wish they weren’t, as they also have a motivation-as-a-sh*tty-service (MAASS) which keeps on hammering you to create content. With Neeeeesh all you will ever do is create content and that is their tagline.

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