February is Fun Season 2

9 Startups that will Change the World

The 21st Century has witnessed a boom in the number of entrepreneurs. Although not every idea shall leave a mark, some will surely change the world forever in due course…

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1. BeardMower

BeardMower is a minimalistic trimming service. They have only two products.

BeardMower Lite which is a beard trimmer that can also cut grasses. The other is BeardMower Pro which is a lawn mower that can also trim beard. This startup has already raised a trillion dollars in the seed round and is expected to change both the facial and the garden landscape by the next decade.

2. DeleTED

TED is very helpful. It educates the internet about Technology, Education and Design. But will the humans keep learning forever? Won’t the storage space eventually run out? DeleTED founders asked those questions and started to invest in technologies to make the humans forget.

Their services include a mighty blow on your skull, a jump-scare at midnight, some strong psychotics and a few methods to artificially induce dementia. These methods might be of extreme importance in the future to augment the learning ability of humans, once it clears a few lingering ethical issues surrounding its services.

3. oHNo

Saw someone breaking a rule? Just file a complaint in oHNo and it will dutifully forward the complaint to the concerned authorities. If you break traffic rules and someone complains, the message will be sent to the nearest police station for your hassle-free arrest. If you don’t do anything and someone still complains, the message will be sent to your gym trainer to extend your active workout schedules to compensate for your figurative joblessness. It might also be forwarded to the Employment Division of your government if you are literally jobless. oHNo will take the decision by itself and neither the complainer nor the complainee will ever have to pop a bead of sweat.

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