Season 2

3 Times Meteorites shook Sports Fans

Astronomical events can often make astronomical differences in the day to day lives of the people. Here’s how the sports fans were startled when meteorites hit the ground at very crucial moments…

3. Checkmate

This story is a little bland compared to the last two. In fact, even the meteorite impact was less scarier than its predecessors as this one landed a few miles away.

The crash-landing threw shock waves onto the crust which dutifully attenuated just enough to knock off the rooks of the black player (I am not being racist here, the players weren’t black or white, they were merely pale yellow, thanks to hyperbilirubinemia, but this is a game of chess, so you know) while he was concentrating at the other end of the board.

In the next turn, the white did an unexpected move, which I believe was a pro-gamer move and did a nice and quick checkmate of the black king. And boom, the meteorite had altered the results yet again. Quite fascinating heavenly bodies they are indeed!

Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

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