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3 Times Meteorites shook Sports Fans

Astronomical events can often make astronomical differences in the day to day lives of the people. Here’s how the sports fans were startled when meteorites hit the ground at very crucial moments…

2. The Played On

This one’s simple. The game is that of cricket. The batsman was on 94. The match was in its 19th over. It was a 20-20. There was just one ball left, one wicket left but 6 runs left. The team that was batting had almost given up hopes but something in them assured them that victory will be theirs indeed.

The bowler started the run up almost reminiscent of the last Penalty Kick of the Champions League final from the last page. He placed a perfect Yorker. But the batsman, oh the batsman, he just stepped out, swung his hands and there went the ball flying higher and higher and in case you weren’t yet biting your nails, even higher.

The stadium was packed with crowd. The crowd was packed with excitement. Will the ball clear the rope? Will the ball clear the doubts and land in the hands of the long off? As the ball started to descend the heat started to rise. The moment froze, almost ironically.

As the ball complied to the relentless pulls of gravity, and fell lower and lower the long off jumped. It fell in his hands. He fell on the ground. The ground was on the other side of the rope. It was a sixer. Bowling team had lost the match. Or had they?

The crowd returned their gaze to the umpire who seemed to have become a hemiplegic as only one of his hands was up in the air. But wait, was that one-hand-raise a legit sign? Everyone looked at the wicket and HEY! The bails had fallen! The batsman was stunned. The crowd was stunned. Even the fallen fielder was also stunned.

As the replay was replayed on the big screen everyone gawked as they saw a little piece of meteorite drop from the sky, hit the swinging bat of the batsman and hit the wickets. Would it be counted as a wicket? Hell yes! The batsman was out. The match results were overturned. The bowling team had won the match.

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