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3 Times Meteorites shook Sports Fans

Astronomical events can often make astronomical differences in the day to day lives of the people. Here’s how the sports fans were startled when meteorites hit the ground at very crucial moments…

You are reading a ‘February is Fun’ article. Every detail here is fictitious. Nothing is to be taken seriously!

If you are a football fan, your interests belong to the domain of football. That makes you a fan and there’s no surprise there, is there? But, when an astronomer joins the party and brings with him the usual array of heavenly bodies that an astronomer does find interest in, there’s very little you can do to not get shaken by the endeavour.

Turns out often times, nature doesn’t even wait for an astronomer to make the attempt to join in and instead she herself sends gifts your way all wrapped in astronomical curiosities.

1. The Own Goal from Penalty Kick

Fanchester United and Wellsea were facing each other in the final of the Champions League. Wellsea had initially gained a lead only to be levelled back again by the contribution of Mount Rushmore the Fanchester legend at the 69th minute mark.

The game rolled onto the 120th minute and with only few microseconds of the injury time of the extra time left, a genius defender from the Wellsea side, who shall remain nameless in the present article performed a skilled manoeuvre that gave Fanchester a penalty at the closing moments. Had he not given this match-ending penalty away, the match would have ended with penalties.

Anyways, FU sent their most experienced forward to take the penalty. Thomas Alva Edison Cavaknee confidently placed the ball at the penalty spot. Referee blew the whistle. He started the run. A meteorite materialised out of thin air and struck the ground right where the ball was.

The ball was now in the air, thanks to Newton’s third law. As the whole crowd watched, the ball flew, flewer and flewest as it flew back to the opposite corner, dodged the goalkeeper and made Wellsea the Champion’s League Champions!

And that’s how a meteorite shook the Football fans by literally scoring an own goal from the opponent’s penalty spot that too at exactly the last minute of official gameplay.

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