Reading all 24 Tintins! (Paused)

Let me clarify, there’s only 1 Tintin. In the title I’m referring to the entire series. There are 24 comic books in total. Even though I have read each one at least 6-9 times I’ve never done that in order.

I’m planning to re-read all the Tintin books before 1st December 2020.

Books in the Series

  1. Tintin in the Land of the Soviets
  2. Tintin in the Congo
  3. Tintin in America
  4. Tintin and the Cigars of the Pharaoh
  5. Tintin and the Blue Lotus
  6. Tintin and the Broken Ears
  7. Tintin and the Black Island
  8. Tintin and the King Ottokar’s Sceptre
  9. Tintin and the Crabs with the Golden Claws
  10. Tintin and the Shooting Star (ongoing)
  11. Tintin and the Secret of the Unicorn (left)
  12. Tintin and the Red Rackham’s Treasure (left)
  13. Tintin and the Seven Crystal Balls (left)
  14. Tintin and Prisoners of the Sun (left)
  15. Tintin and the Land of Black Gold (left)
  16. Tintin and the Destination Moon (left)
  17. Tintin and the Explorers on the Moon (left)
  18. Tintin and the Calculus Affair (left)
  19. Tintin and the Red Sea Sharks (left)
  20. Tintin in Tibet (left)
  21. Tintin and the Castafiore Emerald (left)
  22. Tintin and the Flight 714 (left)
  23. Tintin and the Picaros (left)
  24. Tintin and Alph-Art (left)

I’ll keep on updating the titles as and when I complete. To track my progress, bookmark this page (

Edit 1

I have paused this after not reading anything for he last 3 days (before that I was averaging 1 book a day). There’s no better way to experience the diminishing marginal returns than binge doing something! After the 9th Tintin, starting the next book seems way less attractive than the first one seemed.

Since this experiment is just for fun, I am pausing it and will restart whenever I re-develop the urge to read.

Take Home (Practical) Message – Often times you’ll see subscription services ask you to subscribe for longer terms for a discount. In the end you pay a greater sum at a lower monthly rate. When faced with such a situation, ask yourself whether you’ll truly need that extra term. Because after owning a product (or using a service) for say a specific term, it will appear a lot less appealing at the beginning of the next term…

By Arkadeep Mukhopadhyay

Undergraduate Medical Student at Medical College Kolkata. Neuroscience, Data Science and Astrophysics enthusiast. Blogs weekly at 3am.Page. Previously worked with Times of India and Antarctica Daily.

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