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9 Humorous articles (that come with a disclaimer) which got published in the month of February…

Amidst Pyramids in a Jeep from Egypt

“A creepy tale with a humorous tone”, as reviewed by the Antarctic Trumpet. “A humorous tale with a creepy tone”, as reviewed by the South Pole Times.

The Life of Rain

Rain accompanies us from our birth till our death. Read this story and discover the secrets of the rain that drenched you throughout your life.


15 Scientific articles ranging from Neuroscience to Bitcoins and Googology to Mars…

Here’s why e and π often coexist

Of all the things in mathematics, the last thing we expect is to witness two absolutely irrational constants appear alongside each other in way more than one single situation. In […]

The Great Dictator

“All hail the Great DNA!”, shouted an army of microtubules from a prominent locus in the cytoplasm. “DNAaaaa, DNA!” clap clap clap “DNAaaaa, DNA!” shouted out all the organelles of the […]

Discovering Gravity from scratch

Had the apple not fallen that day Newton might still have formulated the laws of gravitation. But for today’s article we’ll presume that either gravity wasn’t discovered until the ripe […]

The Lecture on Relativity

“Get back to your desks, professor Einstein is almost here”, shouted Feynman, the class monitor. In a matter of seconds, what could have been declared as a chaotic system of […]

Equilibria and Oscillations

You’re on your way sitting on a train. You look outside and you see Dr Hannibal Lecter standing. He’s just standing there. On an wooden platform. Suddenly, he raises his […]

Dollars and Bitcoins

It’s the year 3069, you are an astronaut. You’re fed up of Earthly life and decide to shoot off into deep space in your brand new TeslaX Model V (which […]

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